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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
لېوال سېک
Liwal Power
Liwal Power vision is to provide innovative, best quality and cost effective green energy solution. Liwal Power, is the clean energy division of Liwal Limited, with a mandate to equip Liwal offices with clean energy and introduce Microgrid and Minigrid to empower community and chive country's energy independence through mobilization of private sector. Liwal Power is a pioneer in developing of cloud based clean energy product portal, ERP and billing system for Microgrid and utilities at large. To save energy Liwal Power introduced smart home technologies in Afghanistan. Since its creation in 1 September 2023, Liwal Power analyzed the market, found local partners in the solar energy sector and installed 5KW system within 20 days in Kabul Afghanistan. The system fulfill the requirement of Liwal Office in Kabul 24/7. Liwal Power is committed to become top tier company in lighting up lives for generations to come. Liwal Power is offering Customized Solar Solutions, Smart Homes, cloud based utility billing and metering services and products.
Customized Solar Solutions
Liwal customized on-site solar solutions for rooftop, carpark and ground installations required for home, commercial and industrial customers provide continue power and reduce emissions, promote circular economy and provide affordable energy. Solution are off-gird and on-grid with excess generated energy feed to utility companies for credit.
Liwal is committed to build safe and reliable solar solution based on our health, safety and environment policy for people, assets and the environment. We deliver top quality by partnering with industry's top supplier and manufacturer, providing comprehensive turnkey solution from design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of solar powered systems. We use modern digital solution on every step of project lowering cost and increase client satisfaction.
From design to implementation and maintenance,our expertise encompasses every aspect of PV system development, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and efficient PV systems tailored to your unique needs. With our expertise and dedication, you can trust us to provide end-to-end solutions for all your photovoltaic.
٥ کيلواټه سيستم  نوى لمريز سېک سيسټم په لېوال کروپ دفتر کې ودان شو،  کابل کې نوښتيز لمريز سيستم تجربې لپاره اړيکه وکړئ
Solar structures
Customized fixed or rotating solar structures are designed and built for each project.
Smart homes
To save energy and equipment investment, our smart home devices are controlled remotely or locally to setup lighting, temperature and other function of energy consumption from anywhere with an internet connection using a mobile or other networked device, browse to purchase.
لېوال محاسب د سېک ووريزه بيلونو سيستم
Liwal Mahasib,Cloud Based Energy Billing Solution
Liwal® Mahasib™ is modern cloud based ERP, a unique tree based system, it makes accounting, administrative, content management and customer management as simple as using paper books.
Mahasib for Energy is dedicated to sole administrative, financial, content management, customer relation management and online presence challenges of companies working in energy sector and utilities.
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